RCBees Newsflash

What our pilots do when the wind is howling:

Yup, stand around and gab about . . . everything!

On the Workbench

Charles Koontz says that, “while not known for his workstation progress”, his son Garrett is constructing a “SIG Something Extra” (his first build!) with help from Jesse Gifford and Steve Jones.

It will sport a 0.60 glow engine.

Down by the Riber

Dan Morris maidened a radical design based on:

It did a stable hover at 50’ in a ‘confused’ wind.
He also launched his “Skycrane” for the first time:

It flew well until experiencing a component failure:

Dan also flew his ‘whatsit?’.

Hugh Chalmers launched a 3-D which promptly turned around and headed for the branches behind the shed (maybe?) but then fell into the river (aww!). Alen Ginsberg got the boat inflated and Hugh made a successful retrieval.

Bob Frogner debuted yet another refined foamie fresh from the paint shop:


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