A fine April Sunday morning found seven UMX Ultrices (Latin plural) flying in a raggedy swarm.

Steve Jones said, “At the Hollister Field, you can’t hardly throw a dead cat without hitting one.” 

And, after watching a wheel come off a plane on  landing rollout, Steve followed with this ditty: 

“You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel.” 

Hugh Chalmers brought a very good friend, Dave Stuart, to the field. He is from Black Mountain, North Carolina and is a member of the Asheville flying club. Dave spent a week with the Chalmers, liked our club and enjoyed the field.

This foamie (a return to basics) flew but didn’t have enough rudder and elevator authority for easy, stable flight. Yes, the parts were salvaged.

Michael Hushaw sends: I maidened the Warthog! This is the best UMX EDF Horizon Hobby has put on the market. Outstanding power, flight profile and duration…nearly 8 minutes flying full and moderate throttle. Binding and range tests went well. The AS3X is auto assigned to the landing gear switch so that makes it simple. PS: Had my trusty Golden Retriever Bird Dog at the ready in the truck in case anything went wrong lol! 

↑It flew just great.

↑ Pilot in peril? Nah, just some hot low-level acro!

Dan Daniels brought out a Chaos 60 which should have been named The Phoenix as it arose from ashes of a terrible crash. Well, sort of. Dan kept the OS65AX power plant and slapped a new Chaos 60 on behind it. Flies just peachy keen!

With the recent addition of a manned control tower on the shed, we are now able to handle general aviation traffic like mosquito abatement choppers.

Dan (the Man) Morris brought out this beast. After some transmitter tinkering it flew really well.
And now . . . the airplane from Hades:
Ever hated an airplane? Jerry Arana did while building a Formost. {For Most? Foremost?} Even the name gives you some idea!