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Event Attendees

  • Garrett Koontz
    1 tickets
    Julie Koontz
    1 tickets
  • Cory Mayer
    1 tickets
  • Dan Morris
    1 tickets
  • Laurie Trescott
    2 tickets
  • Eric Thompson
    1 tickets



Jul 11 2021


8:45 am

UMX Ultrix fun fly

All events will be done in safe mode to keep things even.


  • Pylon Race
    • will have cones setup on the levy and we will fly clock wise. Depending on how many pilots may run multiple heats of 5 laps each.
  • Slowest Flyer
    • From the right edge of the runway flying to the center X as slow as you can. Longest time wins. Any flyer that hits the ground or crosses out of the edges of the runway will get a DNC. Depending on flyers will have 2-3 attempts.
  • Spot Landing
    • We will have a spot on the runway marked. Will have 2-3 attempts to land on the spot.
  • Glide Challenge
    • Each pilot will have 3 seconds to climb as high as possible and then cut off throttle and glide. If you throttle up or hit the ground timer starts. Longest time wins. Depending on how man pilots will be 2-3 attempts.

Non judged combat will be done with streamers and everyone out for them selves. This will not be counted to the winner of the above events.

If you don’t have an Ultrix head over to Tower Hobbies and get one: E-flite UMX Ultrix BNF Basic with AS3X and SAFE Select, 342mm | Tower Hobbies

The event is finished.

Sold out!


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