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Sep 04 2022


All Day

Pattern Fun Fly

The pattern: remember we will be taking off right to left. So these images below will need to be flown the other direction then what is shown here.

I could not find images and directions facing the other way.

We will be taking off right to left. The trim pass below will be from left to right.

Note: The Immelman Turn for our event will be a center maneuver and entering the maneuver will be from the right and exit the right

The below maneuver will be from right to left.

The below maneuver will be left to right.

The below maneuver will be right to left.

Note: We will be landing from our normal right-side pattern.

Here is a YouTube video someone made in the Real Flight simulator. There are extra maneuvers that we will not be doing but shows how things should look.


The event is finished.