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Correction: It was erroreously reported in the last Newsletter that the giant B737 belonged to Steve.  It’s actually Jesse’s.  Here it is airborne recently:

A Blast From the Past

Joe Slugo emailed that he enjoyed seeing the club members’ photos in the Newsletter.  Joe became the editor Dec ’92 but has lived in CO for some years now. 

Some RCBees club rules from that era:

  • Last person leaving the field will see that the frequency board and windsock are stowed in the outhouse. (Editor: pre-shed days???)
  • Don’t drive cars on the runway at any time.
  • If your aircraft has landed and the engine has quit, leave your transmitter in the pits during aircraft retrieval. This will maintain our desired physical transmitter separation.

The Safety Corner
by Hugh Chalmers

With some of our pilots designing and building airplanes from scratch, a lot of times we don’t know what’s going to happen when the new design takes off.  The Board is asking compliance with this procedure for performing a maiden flight on a new creation or for one recently rebuilt from a crash.

A maiden flight needs to be clearly announced to the whole group.  Once all airplanes are on the ground and everybody is paying attention the maiden flight can be initiated.  Your cooperation in this will be greatly appreciated.

RCBees Newsflash

Our hobby appeals to the young and old:

Fun Fly, Sunday, 2/23

Although challenged by gusty, variable winds, eight intrepid pilots demonstrated their skills at straight and level flight, an aileron roll a loop, a clean 360 and spot landing +/- 10 feet of target line. Heavier aircraft had a clear advantage int he burble!

Two of our stalwart judges with Jesse posting scores remotely on a display at the prize table.

Here’s Dan Daniels taxing out:
Joe Platin landing
And judge Hugh Chalmers guiding Joshua Albano through the maneuvers

Our guys going for the spot landing gold:

Joe Platin took 1st place with 53.0 total points. Nipping his heels were Michael Andalora at 49.6 and Dan Daniels at 49.2.  A mystery pilot trailed the pack with a whopping 11.0!

Bob Frogner “hand crafted” the 1st place award

On the Workbench

With a nudge from your editor, Bob Frogner and Dan Morris launched parallel projects to build foam dual P-51’s.