On Saturday, September 21st , the RC Bees field was closed because of fumigation going on in the neighboring fields. The opportunity was taken to have a major work party the following day to do major clean-up prior to the forthcoming slurry sealing, which was now fixed for October 12th

The participants, who did a great job,  were Dan Daniels and James Stubblefield, who transported sawn material in their truck, seen on the left of the first picture; Steve Boracca and Hugh Chalmers, cutting away in the second picture, David and son Joshua Albano, all the way from Los Gatos,  Dan Morris, Laurie Trescott, Richard Ludt, pink shirt next picture, Joe Platin, Michael Hushaw, Emmett White, Richard Kass and Richard Estes. My apologies if I missed anyone out. Thank you, everyone!

The following Sunday saw flying resumed with Joe Parisie flying his ex-Don Edwards Bixler. No prizes for guessing that this is an Edwards airplane – he only has two cans of spray paint, yellow and red!

George Ribeiro brought along a little Aeronca Champ – response time would be too fast for me to handle – seen in the next column.

Hugh Chalmers refurbished his profile B-17, which had an untimely crash along with several others in our recent B-17 squadron fly-by. It looks great in flight.

Bob Frogner made a model of the Boeing McDonnell-Douglas F-33, the unsuccessful competitor to the Lockheed F-35.

It flies very nicely in his capable hands. The airplane is an obvious supersonic derivative of the previous Harrier, and didn’t make a very successful transition.

Jesse Gifford got a very nice B-17 ARF from Mike Hushaw. Details on the airplane are very nicely done – it’s tough for us scratch builders to compete these days!

The C-47 at the top of the next column was obviously made for really tough pilots – open cockpits – stand up to fly – not for the faint at heart! Is Dan Daniels the owner? Sorry to say, I’m not sure. 

On Saturday, October 12th, we had the RC Bees runway resurfaced for the first time in over twenty years, and a very nice job the contractors made of it. It cost about $4,000.00, well worth it, everyone would say.

The following day, our intrepid painting crew,

Steve Boracca, Hugh Chalmers, Jeff Wells and Jesse Gifford were in to add their artistic finishing touches – another great job by our folks.

Mike Evans added light entertainment with another  of his First Person View multi-rotors. He tells us that he flies these little guys round his house,     including circling the chimneys, while sitting in his

living room! A whole new dimension to model  airplane flying, at least to this old modeler.


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